Alex - Taxi Driver in New York

Alex - Taxi Driver in New York


It all started when…

Alex was driving his taxi.
Alex loves drinking soda drinks.
His taxi only had two cup holders. One for his passenger and one for him.
He was always frustrated that he couldn’t have multiple sodas for himself.
Alex really loved his soda.
So one day as his tummy started rumbling, an idea popped into his head.
Why couldn’t he have one bottle that holds two liquids?

He thought about it some more..and he realised theres no reason you couldn’t have a bottle with two chambers.


With a quick napkin sketch…Alex approached us

First thing we did.

We sent through an non-disclosure agreement to ensure the safety of Alex’s Intellectual property

Market research & customer segmentation

We then started researching the viability of the idea.

Can one create a bottle with two chambers? Yes. Easy.

Is there anything else on the market? What’s the competition?

What’s the possible price he could sell the product at?

Who can he sell it to? Who will buy this product? (customer segmentation)

After understanding the market a bit better, we moved into concept design

Concept design


Multiple re-iterations later

We had something that looked good and could move forward.

Completed product

We had something that was tested vigorously. A market that was hot for DUOMIX. All that was left was to SHIP IT :)


To date Alex has sold over 1 million DUOMIX in the US markets alone. He sold through retailers like Walmart and Safeway.