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Invest with us into the most passionate inventors and founders and the most promising breakthroughs in innovation.

Best Invention Deal flow

Get access to the best deals in hardware out there! We run multiple insaaane accelerator programs a year overseeing deal flow across medtech, agtech, consumertech, foodtech, fashiontech, constructiontech..all the tech out there with a physical product component. We push founders to hustle and whip them to validate the holy hell out of their businesses.

Meaningful problems that get attacked

The startups we send to our syndicate are attacking meaningful problems so if you want to have Incredible IMPACT, this is one of the best ways to do it apart from attacking your own problems (if so talk to us :).

Invest From a little

We believe it takes a community to build world changing companies, and we believe everyone in the community should be able to invest even if it's only the cost of a cup of coffee. Bringing passion,advocacy, intros for sales deals and early employees; having a community back the deal with a slice of pie accelerates the startups success.

Co-invest with the best &  brightest

We back founders with our incredible Innovation Drive Global team and network of hundreds of world class business builders who've successfully built magic from nothing to scale into giants.

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