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Hi my name is Robert Tough.
I am the inventor of the Wizard Stander, the Wizard Stander came into being, because at
the time I was a wards person, trying to help a physiotherapist by the name of Di Jansen.
Whom was ready to start with, Sit To Stand, exercises with a patient.
This was my first time helping with this type of exercise.
I had seen others helping with these exercises, and had also seen them hurt themselves, or in a few cases the patient, even fell to the floor, this was not good for the patients
conference, to say the least it was also a worry to the support people.
Di needed a second person to try to make the exercise as safe as she could, at that time.
After the experience of trying to be in the right place, position at the right time, I came to see why so many patients fall, and helpers hurt themselves, while trying to save the
patient, as there is no warning when they go down, or just loose their grip on the wall bar, rail.
We came to a decision there had to be a safer way to carry out these exercises.
I therefore decided i would make a devise to achieve this, so with a bit of thought, and a
few prototypes later, and a lot of (trial and success), we not only found our devise, made it safer for the patient and carer, it made the patient feel stronger, and therefore able to stand longer, thus able to do more reparations with ease and safety, and the devise could be
used one on one, and it proved be safer then with two people trying to help with this
Because the Wizard Stander was in the right place giving the ideal support and ready to
guide the patient safely back into their wheelchair at all times.
How the Wizard Stander works.
To put it as simply as I can, it places the body weight or centre of mass of the body in the optimal position to assist in the process of sitting or standing, and also provides support for body position control (stability) and also provides a fulcrum to enhance the strength of the legs.
The Wizard Stander also keeps the patient in alignment with their wheelchair at all times.
All with the knowledge, after a few uses, that if they do loose there grip, they now will
simply sit back down safely in their wheelchair, no injury, and much more conference, after this experience.
The Wizard Stander gives the patient the feelings of stability, hence our saying,
(Confidence Through Stability) one patient said (it works like magic)
The Wizard Stander is the ideal take home exercise devise to enable patients to achieve
the necessary amount of exercise for optimal recovery, with the least amount of stress and maximum of safety.
This is what the Wizard Stander excels at with a minimal cost.
The Wizard Stander will enable people to age in place at home, as it will make it safer for a home- carer to change pads, dress or undress, shower, move to commode chair, shower
chair, wheelchair,
scooter or simply reposition patients.

The Wizard Stander will be a blessing for the community nurse, and in a full nursing home environment as well.
It can be used from the acute stage in strokes right through, we have found the Wizard
Stander can achieve amazing results, if used as soon as possible in the exercise program.
The Wizard Stander is the ideal take home devise for exercise under a physiotherapist’s
exercise, program.
We now had the product, and we knew it worked, but the real work is in refining the
prototype, this is were we needed help, and in other areas we were as yet to find out
We needed people with the skills to carry this out, whom had the necessary experience to help us bring this invention to the market.
To make a long story, short we were very lucky to find a company that excels in all these
areas we needed and then some.
The company is Innovation Drive.
They do Design and Development of inventions, and just about everything a start up could need.
Sayee Ganjekar and Omar Njjar.
A more likeable and easy pair to work with, I don’t think you can find.
Right from the start, they listened to how the theory of this unique devise worked, until they had and understanding of what we, and the devise needed.
Then they went to work.
I have always said it all comes down to marketing in the end, if an invention does not sell, the design and features mean nothing, this company fully understands that.
I have complete faith in their integrity and ability's, they have understanding, this is very rare and I am blessed.

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